When A Pack Of Opera Stars Goes Out For Karaoke

“It was a bit like going ice skating at Rockefeller Center, only to discover that Michelle Kwan was also there, breezing through axels and lutzes.” A reporter follows Susan Graham, Paul Groves, Jamie Barton, Barry Banks, and other singers currently at the Met as they let loose at a … [Read More...]

Pianist Willie Pickens, 86, Giant Of Chicago Jazz

“[He was] revered in Chicago – and around the world – not only as a colossal piano virtuoso but as a symbol of Chicago jazz. … [He] summoned immense masses of sound at the piano without succumbing to a percussive clatter. Add to this the extraordinary velocity he could achieve, as well as … [Read More...]

Top Posts From AJBlogs 12.13.17

Time to Rethink: Court Extends Injunction Preventing Berkshire Museum Disposals It’s time for the Berkshire Museum to face reality: Its pursuit of easy money through art disposals has backfired, devolving into a litigation exhibition with no end date, costly to both its reputation and what’s left of … read more AJBlog: … [Read More...]

The Dancer Who Made Art Nouveau Into A Performing Art

“The [Paris] Exposition Universelle of 1900 marked the height of Art Nouveau and its flowing, feminine subjects inspired by nature. [Loïe] Fuller herself personified the movement, with performances that incorporated swirling yards of silk attached to bamboo wands sewn into her sleeves.” [Read More...]

The Neuroscience Of Changing Your Mind

Image changing-your-mind.jpg

“Scientists have long accepted that our ability to abruptly stop or modify a planned behavior is controlled via a single region within the brain’s prefrontal cortex, an area involved in planning and other higher mental functions.” Now it seems that this consensus among scientists was, if not wrong, greatly … [Read More...]

When Hoop Skirts Were New, Women Actually Saw Them As Liberating

Image hoop-skirts.jpg

“It’s true: The hoop skirt has aged poorly. Its connotations 150 years post-heyday are antiquated at best, antagonistic at worst. From an inside view, though, this ‘choreography of exclusion’ was anything but. Just the opposite, in fact: Its rebellion was quiet, subdued, and feminine, but a rebellion nonetheless. The skirts … [Read More...]