Terror Attacks, Rationality, and Investing

I got off work early on Oct. 31st, hopped on my bike, and started pedaling down 2nd Avenue in New York. I was feeling the wind on my face as I went over the Manhattan Bridge and into Brooklyn when I heard my phone ring. I ignored it and continued … [Read More...]

What Overeating Can Teach Us About Overspending

In “The Hungry Brain,” obesity researcher Dr. Stephan Guyenet provides a fascinating look into the reasons why many first-world countries are battling an obesity epidemic. His thesis boils down to the idea that modern humans face an evolutionary mismatch. Our genes were designed to help us store … [Read More...]

Collecting Badges: A New Way to Get a Leg Up at Work?

When you think of professional development, you might envision going back to school for a master’s degree or Ph.D. While advanced degrees will generally increase your earning power, they’re also very expensive and time consuming. Bloomberg calculates that the average MBA, for example, costs $128,000 — and … [Read More...]

The Unfair Stigma of Canned and Frozen Foods

My aversion to canned food started early. Those aluminum cylinders just never seemed appealing, sitting there in the dark corners of our cabinet, far away from my treasured Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They were dull, dusty, and full of mysterious soup mixes. It was rare for my mom to pull one … [Read More...]