Erdogan steps up attacks on 'state of occupation' Israel

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday described Israel as a “state of occupation” which used “terror” against the Palestinians, as he stepped up his criticism of the US recognition of Jerusalem as its capital. Erdogan has been bitterly opposed to the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognise … [Read More...]

Book Review: Humiliation in International Relations: A Pathology of Contemporary International…

USAPP American Politics and Policy (blog)Book Review: Humiliation in International Relations: A Pathology of Contemporary International Systems by Bertrand …USAPP American Politics and Policy (blog)In Humilitation in International Relations: A Pathology of Contemporary International Systems, Bertrand Badie addresses the longstanding use of humiliation as a systemic practice wielded by dominant … [Read More...]

Who’s Afraid of a Balance of Power? – Foreign Policy (blog)

Foreign Policy (blog)Who's Afraid of a Balance of Power?Foreign Policy (blog)Needless to say, “balance of power” logic played an important role in U.S. foreign policy, and especially when security concerns were unmistakable. America's Cold War alliances (i.e., NATO and the “hub and spoke” system of … [Read More...]

Oregon cedes freedom of speech case against red light camera critic

It is, perhaps, human nature to harbor grandiose dreams of fighting a traffic ticket, even to the point of arguing before a local judge. For the past four years, however, an Oregon man has taken that fantasy to extreme levels, ultimately resulting in the state’s senior assistant attorney general admitting … [Read More...]

The American Who Paid for Israel's Nuclear Bomb

Although Israel doesn’t officially acknowledge it, it is well understood that the country possesses a nuclear weapon arsenal (although the exact number of warheads are in dispute). It is similarly well understood that the United States opposed Israel’s nuclear weapons program during the John F. Kennedy and, to a lesser … [Read More...]

PM announces on state TV Iraq's war against IS has ended

BAGHDAD (AP) — After more than three years of combat operations, Iraq announced Saturday that the fight against the Islamic State group is over after the country's security forces drove the extremists from all of the territory they once held. Iraqi and American officials warned, however, that key challenges … [Read More...]