Oval Office Trump Style: My Inauguration Gift

This original post is from if it’s hip, it’s here I decided to save new President Trump and the First Lady some time. I’ve redecorated the oval office for them, leaving them more time to build the wall, make more cutbacks to diverse art programs, public broadcasting and the … [Read More...]

Zoe Buckman’s Let Her Rave Packs a Punch

This original post is from if it’s hip, it’s here I didn’t physically participate in the Women’s March on Washington today (or one of the many others taking place around country). But I fiercely support that for which we are marching and I’ve chosen to feature the work … [Read More...]

Lexus Debuts Sport Yacht Concept [25 photos]

This original post is from if it’s hip, it’s here Lexus has unveiled a new sport yacht concept, a one-off project that expresses how the Lexus design philosophies and brand lifestyle might be introduced to a sea-faring product. Lexus Debuts Sport Yacht Concept The yacht was unveiled to … [Read More...]

New private islands to open in 2017

Image Six-Senses-Zil-Pasyon-Seychelles-150x112.jpg

Komoko Island Resort, Fiji Kokomo will open in Fiji with 21 spacious beachside pool villas, as well as a limited collection of five-bedroom hilltop private residences. Kokomo is set on a 135-acre private island – one of 10 small tropical islands set in Kadavu’s incomparable Astrolabe Reef. Guests arrive via the … [Read More...]

Top 5 Men’s Luxury Watches 2016

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Men’s luxury watches tell the time. To be more exact, they tell the time with extreme accuracy. However, it’s not the only thing they do. Men’s luxury watches also tell a story – about the watchmaker’s heritage, about the designer’s mastery, about the wearer’s status and taste. Men’s luxury watches … [Read More...]